About Us
                USG Welding (Udom Sawat Group) is a leading supplier of welding consumables, gas & cryogenic equipment and welding equipment. Established in 1968 in Bangkok as an industrial gas distributor, we are now developing to provide a wider range of products in welding & cutting, gas & cryogenics and medical categories. Our vision is to become one-stop shopping for welding & gas solutions in Thailand and ASEAN.
To pursue our corporate agenda, we consistently develop our core competency in securing latest products and technologies in welding & gas both locally and internationally. We put our best effort in maintaining a full range of products at competitive prices while providing highest customer service quality. We strive to improve our business operations to ensure our customers always receive high-quality goods in timely manner at reasonable costs.
We are currently an authorized dealer of best-selling welding electrodes and wires in Thailand. In addition, we offer industrial & medical gases, gas & cryogenic equipment and welding equipment to both dealer and end-user markets. Our customers are ranged from hardware retailers to industrial distributors to manufacturing plants to large structural contractors. We have been serving customers in these industries: Automotive Manufacturing, Shipbuilding and Structural Engineering Projects. Similarly in the medical category, we serve customers from individuals to healthcare shops to hospitals, countrywide.
Our USG Welding Center® features latest products and technologies in welding & gas industries, while USG Mediox Store® in innovative solutions for medical gas equipment and control systems. They serve as our showcase for customers to learn more about our products and as local distribution centers to provide customers with fast delivery service. Currently we are operating 3 locations :
§  Udom Sawat Limited Partnership (UDM)
Located in the heart of Bangkok, this Center is dedicated to service in-town customers and convenient for customer pickup.
§  Udom Sawat Welding and Gas Co., Ltd (USWG)
Located at the west suburb of Bangkok, this Center is the gateway to the west, close to industrial zones. Its service areas include west Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Pathumthani, Samuthprakarn, Samutsakorn and Nakhompathom.
§  S2 (Thailand) Co., Ltd (S2)
Located at the Puttamonthon district of Bangkok, this Center is at the heart of West Bangkok’s residential community, conveniently serving individual users and small-and-medium workshops.
Table below exhibits products and brands that we carry in all of our USG Welding Center®.
Products Product Description Brands
Welding Wires and Electrodes Electrodes and Filler Metals for all kinds of welding processes i.e. Oxy-Acetylene Welding, Brazing, SMAW, TIG/MIG Welding and Submerge Arc Welding WEDLMAXX, YAWATA, KOBELCO, SUMIROD, NICHIA, TOKUDEN
Gases & Cryogenic Liquids Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, Carbon dioxide, Hydrogen, Helium, Acetylene, Nitrous Oxide in both gas and liquid forms, for industrial and medical uses N/A
Gas & Cryogenic Equipment Steel Gas Cylinders, Liquid Dewars/Cylinders, Liquid Storage Tanks, Gas Regulators, Gas Valves, Gas Manifold Systems ANCHOR, UMEGA, MORRIS, HAMP, GENTEC, MEGA, TANAKA
Welding & Cutting Equipment Welding/Cutting Torches, Automatic Gas Cutting Machines, Welding Machines, Welding Systems UMEGA, MORRIS, HAMP, 3ARROW, TANAKA, PALANG, DAIHEN, PANASONIC
Accessories Supplementary Products i.e. Personal Protective Equipment, Welding Aerosols and Lubricants, Abrasive Tools, Gas/Liquid Hoses UMEGA, LIBERTY, SENKO, KINIK, LACO-MARKAL, NABAKEM
Medical Equipment Aluminum Gas Cylinders, Oxygen Concentrators, Medical Regulators, Medical Pipeline Equipment AMERWAY, GENTEC
At present, we also offer online services through www.udomsawat.com for customers to browse for products, obtain in-depth industry knowledge and place orders online.